About my work

G.F.J. Smit Gerard


11 december 1957 in Amsterdam



Masters in Science (Biology),

I work as an ecologist since 1985

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  1. 1.The Who

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  3. 3.Calexico, U2, Keane etc.

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Gerard Smit – expert in monitoring networks and implementation of nature conservation policy and legislation.

I have over 15 years of experience as an ecologist with specialisations in herpetology and landscape ecology. My particular expertise within these fields are studies on amphibians, reptiles and mammals and studies on ecological networks.

At present I am a project manager at Bureau Waardenburg bv. I am involved in projects considering monitoring, monitoring programs, species conservation programs, ecological infrastructure and the effectiveness of fauna crossings under motorways. The implementations of national nature legislation and European Habitat Directive in urban development plans are recent activities in which Bureau Waardenburg plays a prominent role in the Netherlands.

Prior to joining Bureau Waardenburg I worked at the University of Amsterdam where I participated in a pilot study of reptile monitoring in the Netherlands. In 1994 the official National Reptile Monitoring program started followed by the National Amphibian Monitoring program in 1997. Both programs are funded by the national Government to evaluate nature policy considering species listed at app. II and IV of the European Habitat Directive. I am still involved in further development of these successful programs. My task is quality development and co-ordination.